LCS RISE Institute

Experimental Science

Experimental Science

In Experimental Science, high school and middle school students utilize an enrichment-learning model enabling them to develop a unique research program that is an outgrowth of their own curiosity, interests, and gifting.


Learning in experimental science is centered on advancing student research and communication skills through advanced project-based work with the following objectives or outcomes:

  • Developing effective academic research practices in science and engineering

  • Assisting learner-directed project planning, research design, and publication

  • Introducing novel data sources and processing protocols

  • Extending application of research through service and through mentoring younger scientists

  • Connecting student researchers with subject-area experts and special learning opportunities

RISE supports competition in multiple science research and communication venues:

  • International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

  • Science Talent Search (STS)

  • Junior Science, Engineering, and Humanities Symposium (JSEHS)

  • Florida Junior Academy of Science (FJAS)

What can Experimental Science help students do? Watch below!