LCS RISE Institute

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial Leadership

In high school Entrepreneurial Leadership, a project-based honors elective, student work culminates in the production of viable business plans that participants are challenged to enact.


Students gain experience at identifying market needs, selecting business or non-profit strategies, prototyping products and services, and using data to sustain the viability of business models over time.


Students are challenged to develop their acumen in business leadership through:

  • Researching and identifying local and regional business opportunities
  • Practice in extemporaneous speaking, pitching, and networking

  • Applying servant-leadership principles to solve community needs

  • Interaction with local captains of industry to understand leadership styles across various business types

  • Developing original business plans for entry in entrepreneurship competition


Examples of recent student research and business ventures include:

  • Development and planning of the Urban Farm
  • Creating a new shipping container solution

  • Production of a "slime" infused with natural oils and other ingredients to stimulate multiple senses and calm the user

  • Prototyping and evaluation of a unique freshwater generation system for outdoor pets