LCS RISE Institute


Enrolled LCS students begin their engagement with RISE by completing an application. Non-enrolled students who are interested in participating in a RISE Homeschool Partnership begin the admission process detailed on the RISE Homeschool page. All prospective RISE participants should submit an application through this site on the appropriate form. 


Every student completes a RISE application to demonstrate their readiness, express their areas of interest, and share what they think makes RISE learning a good fit for their unique areas of gifting.

Following receipt of each application, RISE faculty may request recommendations, schedule an in-person interview, or request work examples done by the student. Notifications of acceptance are communicated by the RISE Institute.

Once notification of acceptance is received, the student is able to enroll in RISE Institute courses or activities appropriate to their interests and class schedule.


Applicants, including dual enrollment, are subject to additional approval. Non-enrolled students complete the steps outlined for RISE Homeschool Partnership.