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AP Capstone™

AP Capstone™

Students who wish to pursue either independent or collaborative research, communicate high-level scholarly findings, and prepare themselves for undergraduate scholarships and research can pursue the courses in the capstone science research track offered at LCS.


RISE is pleased to begin offering AP Capstone for the first time during the 2019-20 school year. The first course that students may apply to take in this program is AP Seminar. AP Research will be offered beginning in the 2020-21 school year.


AP Seminar and AP Research will be offered through LCS with a distinctive science focus. In some ways, the expectations of students who enroll in these courses go beyond the requirements of the College Board, because they include participation in active research and in competition. There is no better incubator in which to grow science or engineering acumen than through one-to-one research assistance when accompanied by scrutiny from external authorities—as can be had through engagement in judged research.

Through two years, students will refine scholarly skills that enable them to comprehensively address scientific questions, communicating their context, relevance, and the implications of their findings. An example of a student research paper that does this is presented by the College Board:

AP Research Example Science Paper (PDF)

The score granted for the paper above is a 4/5, indicating some deficiencies noted by the research assessor.

Research Competitions:

RISE students participate in a number of rewarding research and communication competitions, many of which involve prizes like college scholarships.