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WELL Curriculum

WELL Curriculum: Lesson Example

An instructional video lesson example from the WELL Curriculum defining the 6 dimensions of wellness.

Wellness Education Lasts a Lifetime (W.E.L.L.)

Application Exercise Teacher’s Guide

Activity Name: Everything Works together for Wellness

Objective: This exercise reinforces knowledge of the Six Dimensions of Wellness taught in the video lesson.

Required Materials:

  1. A 54 piece Jenga block set (18 blocks per student team)

  2. Paint (to color the jenga blocks)

  3. Marker (to write onto the Jenga blocks)

Preparatory Instructions:

  1. Count out 18 blocks per student team.

  2. Using the paint, color six of the 18 blocks.

  3. Write one of the Six Dimensions of Wellness (Physical, Occupational, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional) on each of the colored blocks.

  1. Before class, layout each set of 18 blocks on a flat surface with the dimension blocks easily defined from the rest.

How to Conduct the Activity:

  1. Separate your class into groups of 6 children and give each group a set of 18 blocks.

  2. Give each child in a group one colored block and ask each one what their dimension means.

  3. Once each child has accurately defined his/her dimension, ask the students to set up the Jenga blocks into a Wellness Tower. (NB: blocks must be set up with alternating horizontal and vertical sets of three. Note to the students that colored blocks must be put in the middle two sections).

  4. Once the Wellness tower is built ask the students to start pulling out only the colored dimension blocks.

  5. When the body of the tower collapses, ask the students how many colored blocks had to be pulled before their tower fell.

  6. Ask the students to discuss why the Wellness Tower was able to stand with 1 or 2 blocks missing, but not when 3 or 4 were missing.

  7. Ask the students to discuss how the Wellness Tower represents their own health.

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