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RISE Roles

who we are + what we do


Jennifer Canady, M.A.

As Director of the RISE Institute, my job is to connect students and our RISE faculty to interesting opportunities for real-world learning. I make connections and help develop community partnerships, providing leadership and hands-on support for projects ranging from robotics to law, to medicine, to the Urban Farm. I can most often be found working with student researchers, leading field trips, speaking to a community group, or pulling weeds at the Urban Farm.


Matthew Croxton, M.S.

My responsibilities include leading project-based learning in both science research and visual media. These areas complement one another. Research in science is about coming up with questions that challenge us to better understand the world, and then convincing others that we’ve actually attained the best explanation; visual media can promote interest and comprehension, and require a combination of creative and technical skills to solve problems in service of that communication.


Chasity Branham, J.D.

I instruct the formal coursework offered through the Center for Law and Public Policy at LCS. These classes include dual-enrollment Business Law and dual-enrollment Constitutional Law. As head coach of the Mock Trial Team, I have the privilege of directing our student attorneys in courtroom parlance and procedure. I also serve as a professor of Criminal Justice at Polk State College.


Lydia Kinney, R.N., B.S.N.

While most students and parents know me as the School Nurse, I also teach Introduction to Healthcare Professions for high school students as a RISE elective. Why a RISE class? Well, the project-based focus of this class is designed to give students authentic engagement in many facets of these diverse professions; both the day-to-day experiences, as well as encountering the ethical landscape from a Christian perspective. We learn about caring for others compassionately, and how creation in the image of God is just as transformative in a neonatal unit as it is in hospice.


Paul Teleweck

A senior computer engineering major with a concentration in digital logic design at Florida Polytechnic University, I have had passions for engineering and robotics since high school. My responsibilities as an adjunct faculty member include coaching Team RISE 7719, assisting with engineering tasks in the workshop, leading many Team practices, and coordinating the robotics partnership between Team RISE at LCS and Florida Poly's Purple Fire robotics team. I am engaged in college student government as Chief of Staff, and also serve as the President of Purple Fire.