LCS RISE Institute



Why a Library?

Students who enjoy RISE Institute programs are typically those with “intellectual intensity”. These are kids who may watch the National Geographic channel for fun, love to tell you what they’ve learned at the dinner table, and have an excellent vocabulary. Their thirst for knowledge and independent thinking usually creates in them an avid desire to read, particularly in their areas of interest.


The LCS secondary library has changed. Teachers now have books specific to their disciplines closer to their fingertips—and to their students—than ever before. Because RISE serves so many diverse interests and research investigations, careful effort was made to select hundreds of reference volumes, non-fiction, and novels that will equip students to become better readers with broader tastes. But the library renovation doesn't stop there. The RISE Institute aspires to grow its collection in new ways, and to facilitate new modes of access to subjects that fascinate students.

Especially in the age of internet resources, crowd-sourced encyclopedias, and e-textbooks, real books remain an indispensable medium of edification for students at all levels. Reading comprehension development occurs best when students have the right resource at the right time. Where the Venn diagram of interests, abilities, and quality content align, student learners are in the zone of proximal development. This location makes learning fun!

Would you like to participate in expanding the written resources available to our students for learning and for enrichment of project-based research? Please contact us!



In addition to an extensive physical library, RISE curates many digital resources for assisting student research. Project development tools that help direct the student through essential tasks are implemented via an LCS electronic learning management system, while subject-area specific assets are delivered by a secure resource page linked below.